Wolf-100 gems

Bone-Sharpness III

Snow Block(renamed "Release the Hounds") which calls 5 wolves to help you (1 use per life)

Chamealeon-150 gems

Oak tree sapling- sharpness I knockback II (when you right click it, you get boosted forward 6 blocks, but it can only be used from 10 to 10 seconds)

1 oak leaves block(renamed "Desguise") which desguises you like 1 of the people that are in game.

Farmer-50 gems

Diamond Hoe-Sharpness II knockback II

1 wheat- speed II for 5 secs

1 carrot-Invisibility for 5 secs

1 Raw Potato-Regeneration I for 5 secs

Hope you liked these!! Tell me what you think!!!!!