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• 11/2/2013

nerf the creeper class

the creeper is op, nobody can get near it unless you sneak attack it. it should get less splash potions and more tnt

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• 11/7/2013

it was designed to be like that

coz often new players use this class as its easy to use

but players like me i guess you mean

but still they can run out and have to use the gun powder

• 11/8/2013

Most creepers just spam the potions and if they do jump and bob until they have lost 1 stack then hit them against a wall and jump into them the potions will kill them before they kill you because you hurt them already with your sword also FYI you wait until they use a stack because then you have a little gap to jump in at them while they are switching

Or just use any class with a bow

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