New Pro or VIP classes

How about some new classes for SCB? Here's one:

   Zeus Class:

Weaponry and Armor: Stick that can summon lightning:does about 6 hearts and sets them on fire: only usable once a life: Name changed to Zeus's Master Bolt

Wooden sword with Sharpness 1 and Fire Aspect:Name changed to Zeus's Bolt

Yellow Leather Helmet with Protection I:Name changed to Zeus's Crown and White Leather Tunic, Pants and Boots enchanted with Protection I and all of their names: changed to Zeus's Armor.

Cost:100 gems


A more melee incendiary class rather than a ranged one like the Blaze Class

Weaponry and Armor:

Wooden Sword with Fire Aspect I and Knockback I ;should do about 4-5 health points of damage on contact,fire lasts for 3 seconds.

Red Dyed Leather Armor with Protection I:Name changed to Demon's Battle Armor

10 Fire Charges that can be placed to trap the opponent: Fire lasts for 10 seconds and the name is changed to 'Demon's Firebombs'

Cost:150 gems

These classes are fairly OP and that's the reason why these classes are VIP/Pro and also have gem costs.