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• 12/27/2013

Class Ideas for Youtubers

Free1 Class [for me] Gems: 100

Items: Iron ingot: sharpness 2 and knockback 1, water bucket: right click will shoot a firework and if it hits a player it will do 3 heart damge and nusea for 5 secs but if you miss you will get a diamond that has sharpness 3 but no knockback and using it will make it disiper.

Golden apple class [for antvenom] Gems: Vip

Items: Budder block that has knockback 2 and sharpness 1, 5 Golden Apples

Arabian [for boldil40] Gems: 150 

Items: stone sword, sand that is called quick sand: push players from 7 blocks or under at the person that used quick sand and then give slowness 2 for 7 secs

Dead army leader [for deadlox] Gems: free

Items: wooden sword and 2 zombie pokeballs

Thats all!

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• 3/13/2014
that is okay but i would add a class called the benja calss for mitch that has no melee but has bow with power 3 renamed catness but it is free and starts with one free item
• 3/23/2014
deadlox is so underpowered.Zombie pig way better
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