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• 1/3/2014


Personally, I believe that spider is an ok class where I win 7/10 times however I believe that it is partly because I have a lot of practice on scb (almost 240 hours) and with cactus I win 19/20 matches so I have thought of a few interesting ways to buff spider

1. This is just a simple buff allowing The spider to have an advantage in battle against other weaker melee classes, spiders should get haste II note:SPEED increases movement speed, while HASTE increases attack/mining speed note:you attack slower than you click due to the fact that the sword/weapon has to complete the seining i animation however haste speeds up the swinging animation allowed you to attack faster.

2. This is another passive buff-I think that spider should have a 30% chance of causing 1-3 seconds of poison, just a small buff but very helpful. (Spiders currently only cause 1 second of poison).

3. This would give spider an ability akin to ices freezray however you would get one every 12 seconds (maximum of 1) and when you use it you spray out a "needle" (arrow) where you are looking every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds and each arrow would cause 1.5 hearts to an un armored player and would cause poison equal to number of hits +1 seconds. Would be called "the needler". And if no hits are made then they don't get poisoned (I say number of hits +1 so when number of hits=0 then 0+1=1 so they would still get poisoned however they don't so scratch that.)

4. This one is simple and useful for runners but not much else It would be a special ability that you could use once per life by shift right clicking your spider eye after that your spider eye would be turned into a fermented spider eye. Would cause cobwebs to surround the nearest person.

5. This one is more akin to spiders on real minecraft so I sorta like the idea-you start with shears instead of spider eyes however they have sharpness I knockback I still and still give 1 second of poison 30% of the time however when you right click these you "leap" at your opponent and deal 3 hearts of true damage and it has a cool down of 8 seconds.

6. Personally this is my 3rd favorite of these 6 and this is because..... When you spawn u get cobwebs every 8 seconds and can have a maximum of 3 and when u right click them they shoot out with the same trajectory as snowballs and last for 4 seconds before they disappear when players are trapped in them they get poisoned for up to 4 seconds however the longer Their stuck in the web the longer the poison. Every second their in it they get +2 seconds (every second their in it 1 second passes by so in order to INCREASE the time by 1 second every second you have to do +2).

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• 1/3/2014

Gosh darnit in paragraph 2 idea one sentence 2 I meant to say swinging not seining darn you autocorrect!

• 3/13/2014
• 3/14/2014
Seriously no one? It has been almost three months and no actual feedback xD
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