Bat is a tricky melee class. It is hard to hit but it has no armor. You need to be smart to use the class to its full potential.


  • Shears - Sharpness IV, Knockback I

This class has no armor except for a bat head.

Abilities Edit

  • 12 block High Jump
  • Invisibility II which removes the hitbox from F3 + B and its nametag.
  • Speed I


You can fight high-powered classes such as the Iron Golem, despite popular belief. Continually jumping around him will make him dizzy and you can hit several times. Move quickly and unpredictably to make you harder to hit, but don't go out of range so you can't hit the other player either!

Try to get hits in the air since they will always be a critical hit, increasing damage and Knockback. The extra high jump gives the class a fantastic airgame. If you get close to dying get away quickly, after all, you do have Speed and a high Double Jump. Don't be too reckless but don't be afraid to go back in and attack.

Also, because of your high jump, you can try to jump behind your opponent and then land hits on him. The player won't see it coming because of your little visibility and the player might not have enough time to react since he could be in a fight with someone else.


  • The bat class was originally a very powerful class (with Shears that has Sharp IV) but since there was a lot of complaints, it was nerfed to Sharpness III but also gained Knockback I.
  • Bat is the only class with permanent Invisibility (unless you drink milk from an item drop.)