The Blaze class is a decent ranged class. Its weapons all deal fire damage. The Blaze has many pros and cons, but it is an alright class all-around. It frequently appears near the bottom of community tier lists as its melee has no sharpness - this makes it easy to counter.



  • Bow - Infinity I (renamed Fireball Bow)(Charging the bow for a longer time does NOT increase damage, knockback, after-burn time or accuracy unlike Wither, but the extra zoom can be useful.)
  • Blaze Rod - Knockback II, Fire Aspect I
  • Arrow
  • Leather Armor (Orange)

Abilities / DamageEdit

  • Flame and Fire Aspect enchantments allow you to set enemies on fire with all your weapons.
  • Fireball Bow shoots fireballs like the real blaze which do not fly perfectly straight.
  • 1 - 1.5 hearts / 3 damage (Blaze Rod) [Non-Critical hit, Including fire damage]
  • Does up to 3 hearts of damage per shot (Fireball Bow) [Including fire damage]


Try picking off people with your fireballs from a high ground. It is really easy to rapid-fire but the charges are quite slow moving, so create pressure by shooting a wide barrage of fire charges. It makes you very hard to approach.

If someone is at the edge of the platform and you are close to them, then use your Blaze Rod since it has good Knockback. Try to surprise attack those near the edge and try to hit them in the air for a Critical Hit, increasing Knockback a LOT.

However, Blaze is not very strong during melee battles, so try to find a good archer position and stay there. If you want to be more aggressive, use a combination of your rod and bow to burn them to death. If you do encounter a melee opponent that is strong try trick them into panicking and thinking you have the upper hand by setting them on fire and making them flee.


  • This was one of the original classes made by SethBling
  • It is no longer possible to shoot yourself by shooting up and letting it land on you since the class used to have Flame Arrows.
  • It is one of the most damaging bow classes (The only more damage dealing class with one shot being the WitherSkeleton, and also Wither if you get a perfect hit).
  • The Blaze class was recently buffed in the Community Update.