Here all the Super Craft Bros classes that use spawn eggs, also known as Pokeballs. The spawn eggs have different functions ; they can heal the user (like for the Star class) or damage players (like for the Magma Cube and Silverfish classes). In the last case, the mobs summoned by Pokeballs can attack the user. All of the spawn eggs can be thrown.

Star ClassEdit

The Star Class has a pig spawn egg, called Jeffrey's Help. The pig heals the user when he is close of it.

Magma Cube ClassEdit

The Magma Cube Class has 10 Magma Cube spawn eggs. It summons Magma Cubes of different sizes, which deal damage to players.

  • Big Magma Cubes deal 3 hearts of damage per hit
  • Small Magma Cubes deal 2 hearts of damage per hit
  • Tiny Magma Cubes deal 1,5 heart of damage per hit

Silverfish ClassEdit

The Silverfish Class starts off with 3 Silverfish spawn eggs. Each egg spawns 2 silverfish affected by the Speed I effect. Each silverfish deals a half heart of damage per hit.

Zombie Pigman ClassEdit

The Zombie Pigman Class has Zombie Pigman spawn eggs which spawn Zombie Pigmen also affected by the Speed I effect. Each Zombie Pigman deals 3 hearts of damage per hit, but they attack players only if a player has hit one of them.

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