The VIP/PRO classes are the classes you unlock when buying VIP (24,99$) or PRO (54,99$) on the official website. Here they are.


  • Ghast (Gets a Flame I and Infinity I bow and a Sharpness I and Knockback I ghast tear)
  • Herobrine (Gets a Sharpness II gold sword, 2 potions of invisibility and a Diamond of Despair)
  • Bat (Gets Sharpness II Shears, Infinite Invisibility and Infinite Jump Boost)
  • Baby Cow (Gets a Sharpness II and Knockback I red mushroom that gives nausea, a bucket of milk and permanent speed boost)
  • Slime (Gets a Sharpness I and Knockback I wooden sword, 10 Gooey Grenades that can be thrown and an Infinite Jump Boost)
  • Magma Cube (Gets a Sharpness II and Knockback I wooden sword and 10 Magma Cubes spawn eggs)
  • Butter Golem (Gets a Sharpness I and Knockback III golden axe and 10 Butter Balls that can be thrown as grenades)
  • Ender Dragon (Gets a stone sword, 16 Ender Pearls and a permanent Jump Boost)
  • Iron Golem (Gets a Sharpness II and Knockback I iron axe and a Rose of Elevation)


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