You can do many things to increase your chances of survivability with Sethbling. That jump boost gives you and advantages in more than one way. But when you respawn after dying or just spawned always put down that Seth's Block to get your two free items. Now back to the jump boost. If you're falling off the map the jump boost will increase the chance you're going to make it back on land. Also, jumping while attacking an enemy is helpful making you a harder target, especially for ranged classes. About the attacking part, you really wanna sneak up behind them and attack them from there. But if you're more aggressive you need to work with your items and Block of Redstone. this really a class that depends more on the items you get. With my luck I only seem to be getting good items such as the Hammer. But when you lose the two items the Block of redstone works just fine. Especially when you're just finishing up the job.

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