The original logo

The original Super Craft Bros was made by Sethbling using commands blocks in redstone and works in vanilla Minecraft (without mods).


On January 12 2013, Sethbling released to the public a cool little mini-game inspired by Super Smash Brothers called Super Craft Bros, the point is to knock your enemies out of the stage, but you can also kill them, it included different classes and maps, and worked without mods as Command Blocks were in 1.4. A few days later the map got VERY popular to the point that it has 300,000+ Downloads (as of June 11 2013), in fact many popular Youtubers including Sethbling himself held a tournament for this mini-game. 

However as of 1.5 the mini-game has a bug, which doesn't let you re-spawn after dying once, its unknown why Sethbling has not fix the bug yet.


  • Maps

    The classic maps

    Instead of having a double jump you have a higher jump.
  • There are only 8 classes : Zombie, Spider, Skeleton, Blaze, Cactus, Enderman, Wither and Creeper
  • Players can choose which number are they (does not alter game play)
  • There are only 6 maps: Mushroom, The End, Village, Stronghold, Nether Fortress and Tower Control


  • Tower Control is a different mini-game made by SethBling and its actually playable within SCB, this may have been the reason why it was removed in the server version of SCB.
  • Before the public release, it was beta tested by other people.
  • Every class has a picture for it above their name.