The Cupid class is a class that was added a little bit after the Community Update, this is a free class, but can only be played IF you have the Love pack, sort of like the Snowman class for the Snowy pack.

Equipment Edit

  • Knockback I bow, shoots love darts that are pretty powerful.
  • 32 arrows.
  • Triple Jump.

Strategies Edit

This class doesn't get many arrows compared to other archer classes, you start off with 32 and regenerate arrows opposed to having unlimited, so don't spam them! running out of arrows can leave you defenseless for a while. You have knockback I on the bow so I would suggest to use this class on a map like NightDragon, or ClockWork, maps that you can knock people off if you run out of arrows. Classes like Chicken, TNT, Slime and other bow classes especially Skeleton and WitherSkeleton, can destroy you very easily so you want to play the class defensively and not tanking.

Trivia Edit

  • Class is part of the Love pack, that you can purchase at
  • Very similar to the Snowman class, in respect only people with the Love pack can choose it.
  • The Love pack does expire so I would purchase it quickly.