The Elf is a class for SCB added in the Christmas Update. It costs 250 gems.


  • Cake - Sharpness II and Knockback II (does 1 heart per hit) :
    • Right click to eat (fully restores health), but has only 4 uses (once you use eat the cake 4 times, you lose the Cakes, disarming you.)
  • 15 Sugar Bombs - Gives the Nausea potion effect to whoever it hits for 6 seconds
  • Leather Armor


  • Use the sugar bombs before going in and killing them.  The nausea will confuse them and if you move around constantly, they won't be able to hit you.  Use the sugar one at a time!
  • Eat the cake only when you really need health, for example when you have less than 4 hearts or if you are battling a strong melee class.
  • NEVER eat the cake the fourth time, as it will leave you weaponless (which leaves you at a HUGE disadvantage).
  • Use sugar on ranged classes to knock off their aim, then keep looping round them hitting as much as possible. The elf class is buyable only on Christmas


Weaknesses and some tips Edit

  • Eating the cake may heal you fully, but using ALL of it will leave you defenseless and put you at a huge disadvantage against other classes. Eat the cake for the 4th Time ONLY either in this Scenarios: 1. It is your Last Life, 2. You can knock other players off a Map. Village is not recommended, as there are few places to knock people off. 3. If someone is low on health and only have One last life, then, your Punches would deal enough damage to kill them.