The GingerBreadMan is a class introduced in the X-Mas update. It's a gem class costing 250 gems.


  • Cookie- Sharpness 4
  • Cocoa Beans (6) renamed "Chocolate Chips", when right-clicked, launches people into the air, and dealing 2 hearts of damage to enemies in a certain area near you.


  • Can launch players into the air


  • One is to get someone to the edge, use your chocolate chips, then slap them off with your cookie; you need the chocolate chips to slap them off, as the cookie has no knockback.
  • Find a fight going on, then burst in when you think the people are maybe at medium health as your cookie does dish out quite a lot of damage.
  • For an aerial PVPer, try to lure enemies to double jump, then get as many combos as you can in the air.
  • The chips can be used as a 'finishing item', which means you can use a chip to finish an enemy when they are in low health.