A horse

Horse is a class for SCB. It is a free default class and would be overpowered but its melee weapon is split into two items; a hay bale with sharpness and a lead with knockback.


  • Hay Bale - Sharpness II (does 2.5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Lead- Knockback II
  • Leather armour


  • Has the chance to get any of:
    • Swiftness 1 (common)
    • Swiftness 2 (uncommon)
      Swiftness 3 (rare)
    • Jump boost 1 (common)
    • Jump boost 2 (uncommon)
    • Jump boost 3 (rare)
    • Resistance 1 (rare)
    • Resistance 2 (rare)
    • Resistance 3 (very rare)
    • Nausea 1(super rare, for folks with bad luck)
    • Strength 1 (super duper rare ,like the purple wool in the sheep class)
    • Strength 2 (really, really, really, rare)

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