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The Ice Block is a mediumly-strong melee class. It has the ability to Freeze people in battle, temporarily making it more difficult for them to get hits on you. This class costs 200 gems.


  • Stone sword - No enchantments (5 damage)
  • Ice block (renamed Freeze ray) - When used, slows the players touched by the ray. Recharges every 5 seconds. It will also deal 1-2 hearts on hit.
  • Ice Block (renamed Freeze Bomb) - when used, slows all players and it hits them with fire works with no damage. Does NOT recharge. May be bugged as it's not hitting everyone but it works like FreezeRay
  • Armor Leather (light blue)


  • Able to freeze enemies in battle
  • Able to slow enemies in battle


This class is more of a strong melee fighter, and able to go into big fights. Before going into combat, first use your Ice Block to freeze them. Then get as many hits on them as possible. This class basically is just a melee fighter. Which means you have to be good at hand to hand combat.Also you can use you're freeze bomb to freeze everybody there and you can circle around everybody doing well damage. This class is a strong melee fighter able to do quite substantial damage to an enemy, but is also very vulnerable to other high damage classes or even ranged classes. A Wither Skeleton or other classes with stone swords such as Notch can easily wreck you when using this class. 


  • Ice Class was introduced into the SCB Game in the Mythical Update
  • The Ice Block Class was temporarily removed from the game.

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