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Items drop in mostly random areas around the stage. It is accompanied by lightning. Some may fall into the void.

Item Effect          
Bomb (Splash Potion of Harming) Splash Potion of Harming X. Deals up to 30 hearts of damage, so kills all it contacts (except for undead mobs ; the zombies, skeletons and zombie pigmans get healed instead)
Hammer (Enchanted Diamond sword) Diamond sword with Knockback VIII and 2 uses left. 
Zombie Pokeball Throwable spawn egg that spawns a Zombie that does not burn in sunlight.
Skeleton Pokeball Throwable spawn egg that spawns a Skeleton that does not burn in sunlight and that doesn't have any bow.
Creeper Pokeball Throwable spawn egg that spawns a Creeper.
Slime Pokeball Throwable spawn egg that spawns a Slime of varying sizes.
Witch Pokeball Throwable spawn egg that spawns a Witch. Most dangerous and annoying pokeball, as it can poison, slow and harm players.
Enchanted Golden Apple Gives the Regeneration IV effect for 30 seconds, Resistance and Fire Resistance for 3 minutes.
Golden Apple Gives the Regeneration I effect for 5 seconds (heals 2,5 - 3 hearts)
Milk Bucket Cancels potion effects, including positives from different classes (except for the Jump Boost).
Potion of Strength I Gives Strength I for 3 minutes, which makes your melee attacks 160% stronger. (Ex.: 3,5 hearts of damage X 160% = 5,6 hearts ≈ 5,5 hearts of damage)
Potion of Speed I Gives Speed I for 3 minutes, which increases the walking speed by 40%. Do not drink it if you already have a permanent Speed effect, because it will disappear once the 30 seconds went by.
Potion of  Fire Resistance Gives Fire Resistance for 3 minutes. (Don't forget that arrows from the Blaze and Ghast classes can still hurt you.)
Potion of Health I Heals instantaneously 2 hearts.
Zooka (Diamond Hoe) Shoots powerful fireworks. Has to "warm up" for 3 seconds after every shot. Breaks after 3 shots.
Nuke (Fire item)

When used, several blocks of TNT go off where you are looking, and then fall and blow up really powerfully. Just light it off when fighting someone and run.

SlowBalls (Snow Balls) When you get these you get 1-16 of them they act like snowballs but when they hit someone it acts like a splash potion and gives them slowness for a few seconds.
Instagib (Golden Hoe) When used, will shoot a beam of weakness, but you have to be very close and when you hit someone the weakness explodes and hurts them doing 5 to 6 hearts. and has 9 uses, 6 more uses then it's cousin the Zooka. Be careful when using because it also damages you, some players use it as a jetpack because it shoots you up when used.
Weak Shield (Trapdoor) If you hold it in your hand, it will reduce damage, but not all and can break very easily.
Moderate Shield (Wooden Door) A stronger version of the Weak Shield, reducing more damage and having a lesser chance to break.
Strong Shield (Iron Door) An even stronger version of the Moderate Shield! With having extremely low chance of breaking and reducing even more damage!

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