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Magma cube
The Magma Cube class is basically a jumpy silverfish class. It is difficult to deal with up close, so go for a ranged attack. His sword was really powerful; it was originally able to deal more damage than a diamond sword, but it was nerfed. Now, it is equal to an iron sword.


  • Wooden sword - Sharpness II, Knockback I (6.5 damage)
  • Magma Cube Pokeballs (10)
  • Big Magma Cubes deal 3 hearts of damage per hit
    • Small Magma Cubes deal 2 hearts of damage per hit
    • Tiny Magma Cubes deal 1.5 heart of damage per hit
  • Leather armor


  • Able to spawn magma cubes
  • High jump

Weaknesses Edit

  • The Magma Cubes you spawn will not tell friend from foe, and if you're close enough, they will attack you too. The same thing happens when using the Slime Pokeball.


Same as SilverFish , use pokeballs from distance, and keep one to use when people come for you. You could also rush in with the sword, land a few blows, run, then throw two pokeballs. However make sure to not be too close otherwise the MagmaCubes will target you, because they can easily kill you.


  • This class has one of the strongest melee weapons of the game, along with Iron Golem.
  • Magma Cubes spawned will not multiply when killed.
Super Craft Bros Magma Cube (Vip) Gameplay02:16

Super Craft Bros Magma Cube (Vip) Gameplay

klk155 playing as magma cube!

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