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Magma cube
The Magma Cube class is basically a jumpy silverfish class. It is difficult to deal with up close, so go for a ranged attack. His sword was really powerful; it was originally able to deal more damage than a diamond sword, but it was nerfed. Now, it is equal to an iron sword.


  • Wooden sword - Sharpness II, Knockback I (6.5 damage)
  • Magma Cube Pokeballs (10)
    • Big Magma Cubes deal 3 hearts of damage per hit
    • Small Magma Cubes deal 2 hearts of damage per hit
    • Tiny Magma Cubes deal 1,5 heart of damage per hit
  • Leather armor


  • Able to spawn magma cubes
  • High jump


Same as SilverFish , use pokeballs from distance, and keep one to use when people come for you. You could also rush in with the sword, land a few blows, run, then throw two pokeballs. However make sure to not be too close otherwise the MagmaCubes will target you, because they can easily kill you.


  • This class has one of the strongest melee weapons of the game, along with Iron Golem.
  • Magma Cubes spawned will not multiply when killed.
Super Craft Bros Magma Cube (Vip) Gameplay02:16

Super Craft Bros Magma Cube (Vip) Gameplay

klk155 playing as magma cube!

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