The Noteblock class is a gem class added along with the Limitless Update. It costs 900 coins, making it one of the two most expensive classes, the other class being Necromancer. It was created by Bluswimmer2.


  • Redstone Dust- renamed Talent Dust. It initially has Sharpness I and Knockback I.
  • You also spawn with Speed I and Jump Boost II.
  • Four Noteblocks- renamed A, B, C, and D. By right-clicking these in a certain order, you will get various benefits. The song list is below.
  • Wool- renamed Erase your work- This will reset the noteblocks in case you make a mistake.

Noteblock SongsEdit


- Gives weapon Sharpness 3

DCB- Give weapon Knockback 2

BAC- Gives you Speed 2

CDA- Gives you Jump Boost 4

CAB- Gives you Resistance 1

ADBC Gives you Strength 1 for five seconds. Can only be used once per life.

DBAC- Poisions other players for five seconds. Can only be used once per life.

Right clicking the Talent Dust shows all of the songs in the chat.


The Noteblock is a very versatile class. Use Sharpness while you're in close combat with no void in sight. If the enemy is very strong, it might be useful to gain strength or poison them before you attack. Knockback is useful on small maps or near the void, since you can easily knock people into the void.

As for the effects, Speed is good when you're low on health and need to get away. It is also good for chasing down opponents. If a player has a strong melee, it is a good idea to use Resistance near them. Jump Boost is useful for getting to high areas. It can also be used near the void- only use the single jump, so you can still recover if you get knocked off.