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The Ocelot class is an unlockable class for Super Craft Bros, it costs 100 gems. It is a good melee class and rogue class. You are able to use the Purr Attack which causes the enemy to have 10 seconds of nausea in game.
Ocelot minecraft


  • Raw Fish - Sharpness lII, Knockback I (does 3.5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Diamond (renamed Purr Attack) - Inflicts slowness for 10 seconds to all other players. Has one use


Speed 2


It is advised that you quickly attack an opponent with your raw fish and when they are charging towards you use the purr attack and make a quick getaway but be careful, it can only be used once per life!


  • Costs 100 gems
Super Craft Brothers Brawl Character Review 3 - Ocelot-007:39

Super Craft Brothers Brawl Character Review 3 - Ocelot-0

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