The Present is a SCB class added in the Christmas update. People also call this the "Kirby" class of SCB, for obvious reasons.  It costs 250 gems.


  • Agressive Gift (5) - When thrown at a player it gives you a copy of their weapon. It also buffs the weapon in either Sharpness or Knockback.
  • Defensive Gift (5) - When thrown at a player, gives you a copy of their armor and buffs. Will enchant the armor.
  • Magic Gift (5) - When thrown at a player, gives you a copy of their potion effects (if any) and buffs them (This does include negative effects, too)
  • Arrow (1) (if you get a bow)


  • Copy weapons
  • Copy armor
  • Copy potion effects


  • If someone eats an Enchanted Golden Apple, throw your magic gift at them to copy the Regeneration, the Resistance, the Fire Resistance, and the Absorption effects.
  • When battling a strong melee class or a class with high knockback, throw an aggressive gift to copy their weapons. This is particularly useful against Iron Golems, Herobrines and Butter Golems. The Defensive Gift is very useful against Cactus.
  • Winning with this class requires practice and skills. You need to be able to react quickly if you want to use this class.
  • Do NOT copy random weapon classes. If you do, you will get their base weapon. Ex- A sheep gets purple wool and you want its weapon. DO NOT copy it. You will get a block of white wool.
  • Be careful and smart when copying certain classes. For example: Copying Cupid's Bow doesn't give you infinity of any kind, and thus you will only have one shot and will become defenseless if you miss. You can't shoot Fireballs or Wither Skulls when you steal a Wither or Blaze's bow either.