The Silverfish class is good for trapping enemies, but in other cases it isn't the best of ideas. You spawn with an Iron Hoe and four Silverfish Pokeballs, which you can use for spawning Silverfish on your enemies.


  • Iron Hoe - Sharpness II and Knockback II (does 2.5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Silverfish Pokeballs (4) (spawns 2 per ball) (A silverfish does 0,5 heart of damage per hit)
  • Hiding Potion - A potion if you drink it, you get invisibility for 15 seconds.
  • Leather armor


Sometimes, when you get hit you can spawn in another silverfish.


Use the Pokeballs a distance away, to stop them coming after you. Keep at least one to throw at someone coming towards you. Stealth is you're best friend with this class. After you spawn your silverfish, you should hide at a high place, wait for your minions to attack the enemy. If you see them fleeing about, go ahead and finish them off. 

Unless its a extremely powerful melee class such as Iron Golem or Cactus, don't go down and fight them.

The Sliverfish can also be used as a distraction, or extra chip damage in a fight.


  • Spawned silverfish have a speed bonus.
  • Spawned silverfish will attack all players, except you.
  • The head used in this class belongs to a player called AlexVMiner.
  • Sometimes after the match, the silverfish does not despawn! Take it as a good or bad thing.