Squid is a class which blinds its opponents. It is best used to blind an opponent and knock them off, making it hard for the opponent to double-jump back onto the map.



  • Ink Sac - Sharpness III, Knockback II, has a 25% chance to give the blindness effect (does 3,5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Leather armor


  • Can cause blindness for a few seconds


Blind an opponent, then hit him several times, because he will be confused and won't defend him. Move around frequently to confuse your opponents. It is best to fight near an edge.

Run into a fight when two people are fighting. This will give you an edge of suprise so you can blind them.


  • You will never find a SkyDoesMinecraft fan playing this class.
  • Ironically, Sky himself played the class against his will after choosing random during a livestream.
  • Introduced in the fabulous butter update along with butter golem, silverfish and bat.
  • Squid was once able to put a squid on a players head by hitting them, but as a 1.8 bug arises, which blocks the users vision completely, the squid mechanic is removed.
  • The Squid Class

    The Squid Class