Minecraft SuperCraft Bros 50 - SSUNDEE07:11

Minecraft SuperCraft Bros 50 - SSUNDEE


The Ssundee class is a melee/knockback class that is much like the Wizard and the Sheep, excpet this class gets a higher jump then most classes. This class costs 200 gems.


Emerald - #Random - Gives a random Ssundee mode

All Ssundee modes:Edit

Light Ssundee> Glowstone with sharpness 2, knockback 2, and a snowman pokeball, with speed 1

Nether Ssundee> Netherrack with sharpness 2, knockback 2, A Soul sand called Soul Slower if right click give slowness II for all players for 10 seconds, and gets Fire Reisistance

Diamond Ssundee> Beacon with Sharpness 3 knockback 1

Pink Ssundee> Pink Wool with Sharpness 3, knockback 1, with 2 regenerators and Health Boost 2


Use your High Jump, Melee, and Knockback to send opponents flying off the map. I would focus on knockback more then melee, as it gets killed rather easy. If you get the Beacon or the Pink Wool, then go for melee.

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