These are mosts peoples opinion on the strongest classes


These are classes that frequently win if there is a class you really like but dont see in this top 10 feel free to leave it in the comments

The top 10 classes that most frequetly winEdit

11-Irongolem- Its melee is one of those that 3 hit ko players plus you can lift them in the air although its useless

10-Creeper- Just spam your potions and you can easily get a kill but blaze,wither,witherskeleton or any long range classes counter him

9-Chicken- everyone plays this class but you can play better versions like Butter Golem or Slime but every novice plays him because hes cheap and fun to play

8-TNT- Very simliar to the chicken except you can insta-kill anyone with your tnt but you only have 3 

7-Witch- we all hate witches camping throwing harming and poison potions while jumping but the still are a good class even though you hate them

6-ButterGolem- Things are getting good when the VIP classes come but the butter golem is an amazing class with high knockback and can easily knock people off the map

5-Magma Cube- A strong class withh a sharpness 2 wooden sword and 10 magma eggs that are strong

4-Slime- high jumps, strong melee, and strong explosives makes this class OP

3-Wither Skeleton- Explosive firework bow that insta kills and a decent melee and good revovery how does this class even relate to the real wither skeleton?

2-Ender Dragon- The high jumps and stone sword make it over powered and an additional 5 enderpearls even better this class is feared by novices and is good against almost every class this is the reason why its number 1

1-POTATO- get a poato. and right click it to get a shapness 1V potato along with speed 2 and jump 2. Get a fireaspect 2 potato when youre on fire. right click

again to run away and get more speed and jump.