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Super Craft Bros is a map and a range of servers created by Sethbling, who owns Minecade and LegendaryCraft! The objective of the game is to battle against three opponents with a ton of different classes to choose from and loads of custom maps to play in!

Original Classes

New Classes

Gem Classes 

VIP Classes

Free maps

Gem maps

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  • how do you get gems back

    4 messages
    • The only classes that could be ''bad'' in the gem classes are Ocelot, ButterBro and Star.
    • Or sometimes i think the present is up because its so hard 2 use but if u know how 2 you own face
  • Next update

    2 messages
    • So what classes do u think might be in the next update, I think that som of the are... 1.Diamond (Pro class) 2.Wood (Free class) 3.Water and L...
    • I Realy hop there is ethic a 'Fire and Water' or 1 of each'.

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