The official Community Update promotional poster.

The Community Update was a major update on Super Craft Bros.

New ClassesEdit

There were 6 new classes added into this update. They are listed as followed:

Free Classes

Gem Classes

Pro Classes

New MapsEdit

There were 2 new community maps added in this update. They are listed as followed:

  • Cold War
  • Fungi Forest

Other FeaturesEdit

A new in-game shop for legendary players: The Trail Shop.

A new command for legendary players to color their names.

Bug Fixes

Preformance Enhancements


This update was announced on January 30, 2014.

This update was released on February 9, 2014.

The new features in this update were requested ideas for classes and maps by players on the forums.

This is the first major update of 2014.

This update is the first to have a gem class that costs 175 gems.