In this blog post, I'm gonna suggest ideas for new classes that would be based on YouTubers. In the game, there are currently 3 classes based on YouTubers.

1. SethBling Free class Equipment : Redstone dust with Sharpness II and Knockback I and an ocelot egg that gives Weakness I to all other players for 10 seconds (because SethBling loves cats)

2. Setosorcerer VIP/PRO class Equipment : A stick (renamed Magic Wand) enchanted with Sharpness II and Fire Aspect II, 5 splash potions of nausea that last for 30 seconds and 5 Ender Pearls (all those items are linked to sorcery)

3. AntVenom VIP/PRO class Equipment : A stone sword (renamed Cow Destroyer) enchanted with Knockback II and a golden apple.

4. ASFJerome / The Bacca Gem class, costs 100 gems Equipment : A diamond axe enchanted with Knockback II, which does 3,5 hearts of damage per hit, and 5 brown wool blocks (renamed Fuzz of Fluffiness) that explode on impact.

5. CaptainSparklez Gem class, costs 200 gems Equipment : An iron sword (renamed Revenge)enchanted with Knockback II, 10 slime spawn eggs (renamed Jerry comes in) and 5 TNT

6. Bashur / melon Free class Equipment : A melon slice enchanted with Sharpness II, which does 2,5 hearts of damage per hit and has a 50% chance of giving the nausea effect for 15 seconds. It also has 10 exploding melon blocks.

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