In this blog post, I'm gonna give you 6 more ideas for classes based on YouTubers.

7. BigbadManPig VIP/PRO class Equipment : A raw porkchop enchanted with Sharpness III and Knockback I and 3 zombie pigman spawn eggs

8. PeteZahHutt Free class Equipment : An apple (renamed For the Apple Republic!) enchanted with Sharpness II and Knockback I and 5 slime spawn eggs (as he's a slime)

9. TBNRFrags VIP/PRO class Equipment : Fire enchanted with Sharpness I and Fire Aspect II, a bow enchanted with Infinity I, Flame I and Punch I and an arrow. (This is all because of 2 reasons : first, he's a lava creature and second, his favorite SCB class is blaze.)

10. KermitPlaysMinecraft / Frog VIP/PRO class Equipment : A lily pad enchanted with Sharpness II and Knockback III, which does 2,5 hearts of damage per hit. When you right click it, you can jump up to 5 times in a row (Same principle as the witch)

11. iHasCupquake Gem class, costs 75 gems Equipment : A cake enchanted with Sharpness II and Knockback II and a cookie that heals you 4 hearts when right-clicked.

12. Deadlox VIP/PRO class Equipment : A gold sword (renamed Butter Sword) enchanted with Sharpness II and Knockback II, which is really powerful.

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