In this blog post, I'm now gonna describe how you can calculate how much damage you deal with a ranged attack, like a bow, snowballs, fireworks...

First, let's talk about the bows. The damage dealt by your bow depends on how much you charged your bow before shooting. You can increase the damage dealt by adding either the Power or Flame enchantment to your bow.

Increase No charged Medium charge Fully charged Critical hit
Without enchantment (none) 0,5 heart 3 hearts 4,5 hearts 5 hearts
Power I +50% 1 heart 4,5 hearts 7 hearts 7,5 hearts
Power II +75% 1 heart 5,5 hearts 8 hearts 9 hearts
Power III +100% 1 heart 6 hearts 9 hearts 10 hearts
Power IV +125% 1,5 hearts 7 hearts 10 hearts 11,5 hearts
Power V +150% 1,5 hearts 7,5 hearts 11,5 hearts 12,5 hearts

The Flame enchantment will set the target on fire ; at level 1, the fire will deal 1 damage (0,5 heart) per second. At level 2, it will do 1 full heart of damage per second, etc. But you can't have a Flame II enchantment without using a mod or NBTedit.

Now, we'll talk about the snowballs and the eggs. Both of them deal a half heart of damage to the Ender Dragon, the Ender Crystals and the slimes, but the snowballs can hurt the blazes by a heart an a half. The players and the other mobs aren't hurt, but they are knocked back.

Finally, we'll talk about the ranged attacks in the SCB game.

  • The Wither Skeleton's fireworks explode and do up to 30 damage (15 hearts of damage), although this isn't affected by how much you charged your bow before shooting. Also, fireworks placed on the ground in Vanilla won't hurt players and mobs.
  • The Wither skulls (in SCB, not in Vanilla) explode, but they only do up to 4 hearts of damage on impact (if you hit directly on the chest or on the head). Also, each time you hit someone with a skull, he will be affected by the Wither II effect for a few seconds, dealing up to 3,5 hearts of damage.
  • The Grenades of the Chicken, Slime, Snow Golem and Butter Golem will deal up to 5 hearts of damage, but only  if you do a perfect headshot. It usually deals 2-3 hearts of damage.
  • The Dweller's bone can do up to 20 damage (10 hearts) of damage, so it's not always a one-shot kill. But in this case, the explosion doesn't need to be a perfect headshot.
  • The TNT's bombs can do up to 8 hearts of damage, since it was nerfed. (Before, it was pretty much always a one-shot kill because it was dealing up to 12 hearts of damage.)

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