In this blog post, I'm gonna give you my ideas for new classes in SCB.

7. Mutant Snow Golem
VIP/PRO class
Equipment : Stick enchanted with Sharpness II and Knockback II, which does 2,5 hearts of damage per hit and has a 75% chance of giving the slowness effect, and 15 throwable snow blocks that explode on impact.
Abilities : (none)

8. Stone Golem
Free class
Equipment : Stone sword enchanted with Sharpness I, which does 4 hearts of damage per hit.
Abilities : Slowness I

9. The Wolf
Free class
Equipment : A bone with Sharpness II and 3 wolf spawn eggs.
Abilities : Speed II

10. The Charged Creeper
Gem class, costs 150 gems
Equipment : A gunpowder with Sharpness II and Knockback II, 10 blaze rods that summon a lightning when thrown on the ground and 10 TNT
Abilities : (none)

11. The Horse
Free class
Equipment : A saddle with Sharpness II and Knockback I.
Abilities : Speed II and little Jump Boost

12. The Cow
Gem class, costs 25 gems
Equipment : Raw beef with Sharpness II, a bucket of milk and a piece of leather that, when right-clicked, gives the weakness effect to all other players for 10 seconds.
Abilities : Gets Speed II when it takes damage

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