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Zombie Villager is a class for SCB, which is very weak. It combines the Zombie and  Villager classes. It costs 50 gems.


  • Rotten Flesh - Sharpness III and Knockback II and causes poison III (does 3-5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Poisonous Potatoes (10) - Can be thrown, causes the Poison III effect for 3 seconds and explodes on impact. (takes out up to 4-5 hearts from the player)




Use the Flesh to knock player off ledges, but only attack head on when there is only one person or they have one life. Use the Potatoes on groups (because they act like splash potions), or when you are trying to escape but try to avoid the effect yourself. Go up and use your Rotten Flesh after you land 2-3 potatoes on them, you should be able to kill them using 1-2 hits. Avoid Chickens because they can kill you extremely easily.


  • Introduced in the Strong Force update
  • Third Zombie-related class
  • Second Villager-related class

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